Six Blades Jiu Jitsu Denver

Intermediate Jiu Jitsu

The Intermediate Class represents a pivotal stage in our martial arts curriculum, seamlessly blending key elements from both our fundamental and advanced classes to create a comprehensive learning experience. Tailored for individuals who have committed 4-6 months to their training journey, this class introduces a heightened level of complexity by incorporating advanced variations of fundamental techniques, positions, and drills.

As a bridge between the foundational and advanced stages. It caters to the evolving needs of practitioners seeking to deepen their understanding and refine their skills.

Exclusive to those holding the rank of White Belt 2 stripes and above. This class ensures a supportive environment for students who have progressed beyond the basics. While challenging, the Intermediate Class also offers the flexibility of optional sparring. Thus allowing participants to further customize their learning experience based on individual preferences and goals.

Benefits of this class:
  • ​Improve your understanding of Jiu Jitsu
  • Improve your timing
  • Progress faster
  • Train in a safe environment


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