Six Blades Jiu Jitsu Denver

Black Belt Club

The BBC stands as the pinnacle of achievement for young practitioners in our Jiu Jitsu academy, offering an exclusive opportunity for children who have demonstrated exceptional skills in our Little Champ and Juniors programs. This advanced youth Jiu Jitsu program is a testament to their dedication and prowess in martial arts. Joining the BBC is regarded as the highest honor for these budding martial artists, symbolizing not just their technical proficiency but also their embodiment of essential qualities such as discipline, respect, courage, leadership, loyalty, and compassion. These young members are not only mastering the art of Jiu Jitsu but are also shaping into well-rounded individuals prepared for the challenges that lie ahead on their journey to the coveted black belt.

  • Discipline:
    • Consistent attendance in BJJ classes.
    • Dedication to practicing techniques and drills regularly.
    • Following the rules and etiquette of the gym without exception.
    • Setting and achieving personal goals in training.
  • Respect:
    • Treating instructors, training partners, and classmates with courtesy.
    • Showing humility in both victory and defeat.
    • Listening attentively to instructors and following their guidance.
    • Valuing the traditions and customs of BJJ.
  • Courage:
    • Willingness to step outside the comfort zone and take on challenges.
    • Facing opponents with a positive mindset, regardless of size or skill level.
    • Accepting constructive criticism and using it as a tool for improvement.
    • Not letting fear dictate actions on the mats.
  • Leadership:
    • Assisting and guiding less experienced teammates.
    • Setting a positive example for others in terms of behavior and attitude.
    • Taking initiative during drills and group activities.
    • Being a reliable and responsible training partner.
  • Loyalty:
    • Demonstrating commitment to the BJJ community and gym.
    • Supporting teammates during competitions and challenges.
    • Upholding the values and reputation of the gym.
    • Encouraging a sense of camaraderie among fellow practitioners.
  • Compassion:
    • Showing empathy towards teammates facing difficulties.
    • Helping others in their learning journey, both on and off the mats.
    • Respecting the well-being and safety of training partners.
    • Being aware of the diverse backgrounds and experiences of fellow practitioners.

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